Courses in Project Management Methods


What are Management Methods?

All organisations undertake activities at a strategic perspective to set organisational objectives, and at an operational level to achieve the organisation's mission via delivery of products and services to its clients. There is also a tactical perspective which is the interface between the strategic and operational perspectives.

The tactical perspective acknowledges organisational objectives, and established initiatives to deliver the required changes into the operational perspective.

Activity within the tactical perspective can be organised into three management layers:

  • Projects are the means by which organisations develop new products or processes, and deliver organisational change.
  • Where there are synergies between projects, or where a broad-brush change is to be delivered, many organisations group projects into programmes to ensure more effective control.
  • Portfolios represent the totality of an organisation’s investment (or segment thereof) on changes required to achieve its strategic objectives.

For each of these levels of management, there are defined management methods which describe what activities should be undertaken at that level, and by whom and when, to achieve success.

PRINCE2 project management courses

PRINCE2 is the world's leading project management method.

Visit our PRINCE2 page for details of associated briefings, workshops and short courses.

Agile project management courses

AgilePM is project management method derived from the DSDM agile development method.


The most effective way to learn AgilePjM - combines the Foundation and Practitioner courses.
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The Foundation course is your entry into AgilePjM.
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The Practitioner seminar ensures that you can integrate and apply AgilePjM concepts.
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Visit our Agile Project Management page for details of associated briefings, workshops and short courses.

MSP programme management courses

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is a method for managing transformational change programmes.

MoP portfolio management courses

Management of Portfolios (MoP) is a method for managing enterprise portfolios of programmes and projects.

Visit our MoP page for details of associated briefings, workshops and short courses.

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